It’s been a good weekend despite little annoyances in my life like sore hips (more like sore bum) and a whole lot of ironing. I do admit that housework is not a skill that comes naturally.

I learned how to iron rather late in life. When I was at National Service (which is a 3 month military training stint we have to do in Malaysia, though it was really more like a summer camp with bad maintenance), we had to iron our uniform and wear it out for assembly. I remember having to do push-ups as punishment for “not ironing my shirt” despite hogging the communal iron for over 20 minutes. My dorm mates had to convince the authorities that I did indeed iron it to the best of my ability (despite making it look worse than when I first started out).



That’s me packing up to go home after National Service (with a nicely pressed uniform – I’m sure a friend must have helped me iron it!)…

Years later, I do admit that I am a bit better at ironing. My brother (sort-of brother, he’s Thai and not blood related but he may as well be) teased me in his speech at my wedding about my lack of housework skills – it went something like this:

One day, Lianne asked me to come out shopping with her for men’s shirts for Daniel. I asked her if Daniel didn’t have enough shirts, and she said no, he had heaps but she couldn’t be bothered ironing them so just bought him new ones.

Yes, I admit I did that last week as well (though people commented on how lovely the colour of his new shirt was!). To cut a long story short, I struggle with housework but I do my best to make do for my shortcomings. Let’s hope that one fine day, it’ll be a skill I master too.



On a happier note, my husband and I are going to have a babymoon soon. Theoretically, we already had one a few months ago in Glenelg (where we stayed in a lovely hotel by the beach), but this one will be special for the following reasons:

1. We’re going back to Novotel Barossa Valley Resort, which also happens to be the place we spent our wedding night (refer to picture above). In honest truth, I’ve been to greater hotels/resorts (although there are only so many good hotels in Adelaide) but it has some redeeming factors like its beautiful backdrop against the wine-growing hills, the delicious buffet breakfast and the peaceful privacy it offers.

2. It’ll mark the end of my work life for a while – I’m still debating about whether this is a good thing or not, but I’m sure I’ll find so much more meaning in parenthood than ever could be found at a workplace.

3. It’s pretty much free with a membership card I have (had to pay to upgrade though, cos they’re out of standard rooms, but I can’t complain).

By the way, speaking about moons – has anyone seen the moon tonight? I took a peek and it doesn’t look WAY out of the ordinary, but then again, it’s directly above our house (so it may just be the wrong angle for it)

Do check it out sometime anyway:

Anyway, all for tonight – another busy yet rewarding week ahead of me. Have a great week everyone!


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