So tired I can’t think of a title…

Out of all the weeks of this year, this has been one of the busiest in my life… especially today. I find it funny that humans have a nature of procrastination where they’ll leave things right to the last minute despite having weeks (sometimes months) of notice.

I’m planning to do a more detailed post over the weekend, but just wanted to share two articles that I found rather interesting (and relevant):

This first one is about a kayaker beating the world champion while being almost full term into the pregnancy. Now, I don’t know about other pregnant women, but my balance is pretty off now that I’m pregnant, and I can see myself capsizing in a kayak before even hitting the rapids. So, kudos to you, Emily Jackson!

Mind you, we had a staff party the other day and I won in team bowling for my team (though it was because one person hadn’t ever bowled before and another was throwing the ball backwards between her legs).

This is another interesting one, though not nearly as desirable on my behalf. I imagine myself having the baby in a nice comfy bed or a warm bath in the hospital, not in a car. And certainly not in my own car, unless I get a free voucher to have it given the full wash, wax and steam clean.

Anyway, good night to all. 🙂


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