When I first got Skittles, I envisioned starting a Youtube channel to share her silly escapades. Unfortunately, I never got around to doing this and I was never able to capture many of her ‘finest’ moments on camera (like tearing off our car number plate or swinging a bantam chicken around).

But we did manage to catch this video this weekend – she stayed over at our friend’s place while we were away on our babymoon (more details on that in my next post) and I believe she tired herself out silly. Love my silly dog!


Skittles the celebrity…

2 thoughts on “Skittles the celebrity…

  1. Hehe she’s a lab mixed staffy actually, and unfortunately has picked up bad habits from both breeds – i.e. she eats everything and jumps over everything including the fence. But she’s my baby no.1 and I love her to bits hehe.

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