Blast from the past…


I thought I’d start with this cute gift keychain I bought for Jacob. Yes, I know he won’t have his own keys for a long time, but I could put it on his bag. Anyway, what’s cool about it is that it’s actually a mini booklet and tells us a few things about Jacob:

The Character of Jacob: You are always on the look-out for new horizons with a restless urge to explore. With your efficient approach to to situations, you are able to tackle the most mundane of projects – even if it is through gritted teeth!

The Mind of Jacob: You tend to view things subjectively which gives you a strong focus on your own goals. However, you are not unsympathetic to the plight of others even if you do prefer to lead by example wherever possible.

The Intelligence of Jacob: Although you have a powerful intellect, you are not always keen to show this off. You see no point in trying to impress people that may have no real influence on your life and prefer instead to work tirelessly towards your own goals.

The Emotions of Jacob: Sometimes you find it difficult to express your true feelings. Your emotions do run deep and it is a very special person who can break the outer shell to see the real you.

From what it sounds like, I wouldn’t mind if he lived up to his name (but then again, this is all just for fun!). However, it’s given me hope that I’ve chosen the right name for him and I hope all you mums out there will have fun choosing your baby’s name! 🙂

I have to admit that I’ve had a pretty lazy week with my husband being home in the school holidays. He’s been busy checking out his Grand Theft Auto 5 while I’ve been catching up on reruns of one of my favourite series – Chuck:


Dan was kind enough to get the box set for me for my birthday. I really like spy shows, but this one stands out particularly because it’s down to earth, funny, romantic, and was something close to our hearts. I don’t claim to be a hot secret agent, nor does Dan claim to be an intelligent computer nerd – though there are many ways this storyline relates to us conceptually.

When I met Daniel, I was a bit of a wildcard – moving around every 6 months due to my degree, it was hard to picture settling down. I also had no idea what I’d do after the degree – go back to Malaysia to work, head to some remote location in Australia like Ayers Rock or Dunk Island, or perhaps head to a different country to discover new adventures. Not to mention, I did martial arts too and felt like I could kick anyone’s butt (please do not try to test this theory…).

And then you had Daniel, who had a stable job, a close knit set of friends around him and a desire to settle down. Of course, we both love our adventures but there’s a bit of difference in our perception of holidays. To me, holiday getaways for a week or so are cool, but there’s this part of me that just wants to ship off to Japan for 1 year (potentially longer) or perhaps head to a tropical island like Fiji or the Maldives to experience the good life there. But then, what to do with the house and dog? (Jacob will come with us obviously). So yeah, I’m not being practical, but that’s just the way I am sometimes haha!

And (spoiler alert!), the episodes of Sarah and Chuck’s wedding came out as I was organising mine, hence it sparks a feeling of familiarity – almost as if I were organising it with them. Call me crazy, but I’d not really been to many weddings before my own – correction, not been as a guest. I worked at a lot of weddings before though, serving champagne on the beach and catering for a beautiful reception on an ‘island’ platform in the middle of a lagoon. But yes, it just marked a beautiful time in my life and something Daniel and I shared exclusively.

On an ending note, Jacob’s decided to do his part in fundraising. I used to volunteer with the Adventist Development and Relief Agency in The Shepherd’s Lodge project, which is like a meal organised every Thursday night for the hungry and the lonely. Of course, I’m also a big fan of their op shops. But anyway, around this time of year, we as a church at large raise money for ADRA projects.

This is Jacob’s fundraising page where you can chip in if you like, or simply have a look at what ADRA does:

Have a lovely weekend and for those in South Australia, enjoy your Labour Day long weekend! 🙂


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