Boys on bikes…

One thing that sealed the deal with my husband is the fact that I like (or grew to like) motorbikes. No, I don’t know how to ride one and knowing my coordination (or lack of it), probably will not be doing so for a while. However, I do enjoy riding pillion and really don’t mind if I ride pillion forever – so I can do the sightseeing rather than the gear changing.

It’s been said that a motorbike is a boy’s toy and in light of having a family to raise, my husband has decided that he’ll part with his bike and buy another one when the kid(s) are older. I don’t know who’ll be sadder when that bike’s gone… we had some good times on that bike. I remember the first few times I rode the bike, I had to use one of my husband’s helmets and it was too big for me, so I could hardly see out of it – it felt like a video game!

One thing that our family likes to do is take pictures of babies on bikes (with someone hiding behind the bike holding them up, just to note so you don’t report me for child abuse). This is my nephew on my husband’s old Triumph Daytona:

And here is our little Jacob on Daniel’s current Honda CBR 1000:


If you haven’t already noticed, I’m not a really girly girl. I mean, I do like some girly things like summer dresses, weddings, pop rock and sparkly things. But I’m not the type who’s into makeup or high fashion, and I have to admit that I fall asleep in chick flicks (unless they have a very good plot, and some fight scenes are a plus). And, in honest truth, I’d love to be a martial arts stunt artist (though I’m probably past my prime and very rusty).

But anyway, I digress… I was talking to a friend the other day about whether I’d like to have my second child a girl or a boy. Yes, I know that Jacob is only 8 weeks old – I’m NOT jumping the gun here, but some pre-planning is always wise! Funnily enough, my mum posted this on my Facebook wall today:


Initially, that was my plan – I always wanted a big brother, and vowed that when I had my own kids, I would have a boy and then a girl. But some part of me thinks that I’d rather not have a girl, and just have another boy. Here are some reasons from off the top of my head:

1. I’ve realised how much fun it is to have a boy – of course, I haven’t had the chance to discover it all yet but I have so many things planned already. Not that I couldn’t do those things with a girl…

2. I love buying boys clothing! I especially love stuff like leather jackets, ties, button up shirts, sporty shoes, etc. Then again, I could dress my girl in such things (since I’m not a believer that girls should wear pink) but she may be mistaken for a boy…

3. I really want to relive childhood with a different perspective. Going outdoors lots, playing with cars and trucks, pretending to be a spy or pirate, etc. Though yes, I could do this with a girl too…

4. I can reuse the clothes and toys. Yes, Asian Lianne strikes again. The boys can just use hand me downs and share their toys.

5. I don’t have to deal with “boyfriends” – I hope! 😛 I think I’d just feel more secure and less overprotective. Not that I’d not keep a firm watch over my boys, but I think I’d be more cautious with my girls.

6. Lower emotional maintenance – and probably physical maintenance as well. I’d rather keep moodiness to myself, thanks.

7. They can be my bodyguards. Yes, when mummy is old and grey, she will have her tough men to look after her. *fingers crossed*

8. I don’t want to have to deal with another ‘me’. Yes, I was a terrible teen – snap, let’s not go there, sister!

It’ll be funny if, down the track, I actually have a girl. I can see myself biting my tongue and going crazy on buying cute girly things for her to wear. And I reckon that girl or boy, I would still probably bring them up in a similar fashion. And I’ll probably still love them to bits! But for now, I have my awesome husband and baby boy to dote on:


As a final note, just an update on Jacob’s Knocktober campaign. I set up a page for Jacob to raise funds for ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) which runs many projects within South Australia and across the globe.

Some of the projects that they run are The Shepherd’s Lodge, which is a community meal programme. I used to volunteer in the Cleaning team (yes, washing pots and pans) and witnessed how it worked so well in reaching the community. It’s not just a soup kitchen – the team also sit down with the guests to dine and talk. We have many regulars and some of the ‘guests’ have now become ‘hosts’ – and in the process, have gained a sense of belonging.


Above are the details for The Shepherd’s Lodge in the north – there’s also one down at Morphett Vale for people in the south.

ADRA also has many other notable programmes like the donation programme they run with Lyell MacEwin Hospital – they gather newborn clothes and buy essential items to give to mothers in need. They also run a number of op shops across the country.

If you’d like to donate to this cause, please follow this link to Jacob’s donation site. He’s already collected $385 so far, just $115 away from his initial goal of $500. I’m considering bumping up the goal to something like $700 or $800, but we’ll see how he goes. Just FYI, anyone in the world can donate – you can use credit card, BPAY or Paypal.

Jacob thanks you for your generosity in advance! 🙂



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