It’s been an eventful weekend (and many more eventful weekends are to come towards the end of this year). I guess there are different meanings of eventful – sometimes it means I’m going out to parties or friend gatherings, and sometimes it just means I get things done around the house. This weekend was a bit of both…

We went to a relative’s birthday party and being Filipino, there was karaoke involved. Karaoke is big in most Asian cultures, but I’ll have to say that it’s probably the most popular with Filipinos, and many of them own their own karaoke machines!

I love karaoke and used to go out to karaoke places to sing with friends. Here’s me in my prime (with my best partner in crime, Pi Pat) – I think we’re singing a Lady Gaga song. I’ll explain in another post why we’re partners in crime (and you’ll either laugh or cringe, believe me:


We didn’t stay for the karaoke session as it was past Jacob’s bedtime, we did manage to get a cute (slightly blurry) smiling picture of Jacob:


Anyway, that was Saturday – my Sunday was eventful because we finally decorated Jacob’s nursery! Yes, I know I’m such a slacker. But he’s not even sleeping in it yet (he’s in our room) so I figured it could wait a bit. Daniel painted the feature wall green and we finally put our wall stickers up:


Here’s Jacob admiring his new wall art. He really likes the colours and dots.

ImageAnd the finished product:

I honestly admit that I’ve never really knew about Pac-man before this – but it just seemed cool and Daniel loves it! I tried the game out on this link but needless to say, I’m not very good at it:

I can’t believe October is almost over now, and we’re heading towards the end of the year. This is my favourite time of year, filled with family events, social gatherings and Christmas presents. I have a Christmas list to write and some shopping to do. I also intend to take this time to brush up on my cooking skills – yes, the house may be a mess but I want to make some desserts… Priorities, woman!

Have a great week! 🙂


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