Bah humbug!

I’m in a relatively un-Chrismassy mood this week because I’ve somehow caught a head cold, or perhaps it’s hay fever that’s developed into a cold. It doesn’t help that it’s really quite hot the next few days…

In the bah humbug spirit, here are 5 things that are annoying me at this time of year:

5. Headaches – There are so many reasons that people get headaches; change in season, weather that’s too hot, sleeping badly, not enough sleep, staring at the computer screen for too long… While I do credit my headaches to some of these things, I think the main reason is my thick black hair. I’ve been dying to go and cut it but just haven’t found the time. I just know every time I put clothes out on the line, you could probably fry an egg on my hair. Not that you’d want to!

4. Fighting for parking spaces in malls – When I was pregnant with Jacob, I was always anticipating the joys/privilege of using Pram Parking spaces. And yes, I have had quite a few opportunities to park in such spots. But around the school holidays, don’t even think that you’d get a chance to park in one of those spots. Not to mention you’ll find some dirtbags who don’t even have prams parking in those spots (unless of course, they somehow have a pram in their convertible sports cars with no car seats in them).

3. The mad Christmas rush – I have to admit that I’ve always loved shopping malls, and especially love it when they’re open til late. But I think I’ve been spoiled by being a stay at home mum, where I normally shop on weekdays during office hours (off peak hours). The Christmas rush kills me! You can’t get your pram anywhere (and, being me, I crash into things) – plus, the queues are long and when you want something in your size, it’s sold out. I much prefer online shopping but it’s getting a little bit last minute if I want it to arrive in time for Christmas.

2. Delayed postage – My Ebay stuff is not here yet!!! Yes, I’m an Ebay junkie and a lot of my Christmas presents come from there. And of course, I understand that there’s a high demand around this time of year – but I want my parcels!! XD Not to mention the post office is now SOOOOO busy!

1. Housework – yes, parties are coming up and my pile of ironing in the lounge room (what’s it doing in the lounge room?) is about 10 metres high! I realise that it’s only 8 days to Christmas so I do have a lot of tidying to do. Soldier on, Lianne!


Jacob decided to grump around like his mum as well. 😛 He’s started laughing lately, like when you “Peek-a-boo” him – and it’s a contagious laugh! I’ll try to take a video sometime.

We had a bit of a fright last night where he rolled himself off the bed – I don’t think it was a full roll but it was enough for him to slide down a pillow and onto some clothes on the floor. Thank goodness I’m a slob! Poor baby was just a bit shocked but he stopped crying relatively quickly and was just his normal ol’ self this morning.

I’m really happy he’s getting more mobile, though I know it comes with more hazards. Here he is in his tunnel which he’s started to enjoy more and more.


But honestly, things otherwise have been really good. Christmas shopping is nearly done, my parties are nearly planned and there are some baby showers to look forward to in the early new year. I also have to organise my documents for doing my passport and orchestrate our trip to Melbourne which now incorporates a wiggly baby (thank goodness he still sleeps a lot in the day).

I need to write another sermon by next weekend (gosh, I am quite last minute) and get some more writing work done. To those I owe writing, I am sorry for all the delays! When my head doesn’t feel like splitting in half, I’ll look at it and do it ASAP!

Oh, speaking of writing, the newest edition of JOM Magazine is out and I had the opportunity to do some of the phone interviews of successful Malaysians in Melbourne. I’d love to expand on the experience in a later blog post, you can read the magazine here first:

Going to grab some Panadol and will blog again soon. Tonight is the big night where Jacob gets to play baby Jesus, and I’m praying for a miracle! Just going to make sure he has lots of naps in the day so he’ll be in a good mood tonight… fingers crossed!


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