Perfect swimming weather!

We’re just recovering from Adelaide’s hottest December day in 82 years! The temperature hit just over 43 degrees yesterday and I think everyone was feeling the heat, especially poor Skittles (we let her in for a bit and gave her many ice cubes). We bought a shell yesterday (because I’m not into blowing up a pool, and Skittles bit a hole in our old pool) and it was lovely.

ImageJacob cooled down heaps in the pool and had a fun splash about – he was a bit shocked that the water was so cool (as he normally has warm baths) but he got used to it. Didn’t keep him in for too long though.

ImageAfterwards, Skittles got a turn. She’s sorta scared of water so won’t go in when we’re there (maybe because she hates baths), but will go and explore it herself later on and have a sip.

ImageToday is still relatively hot – 38 degrees! If it’s this hot now, I can’t imagine what it’ll be like in January! Let’s hope for no bushfires! At least it cools down over the weekend and it’s 30 degrees on Christmas day. 

I know I’m supposed to blog about the nativity experience (and I will in my next post, for sure) but today I really want to talk about pregnancy bodies, weight loss and all that jazz.

Yesterday marked the first day that I stepped into a bikini and I honestly didn’t mind how I looked. Firstly, I have to admit that this pregnancy was really kind to me. It’s in my genes not to have stretch marks (or so I hope anyway – fingers crossed if I have other kids) so I only have my linea negra to show for it, and I had a “not interested in food” pregnancy though I did eat more in the third trimester. I think that we had a good strategy having a winter baby, as the pregnant belly keeps you warm in winter, and you generally lose your pregnancy weight in summer because people lose weight in summer anyhow.

I’m still about 7kg above my pre-pregnancy weight though I think I have toned myself up in the last few weeks. Now, let me assure you that I’m not starving myself (hardly, it’s Christmastime!) and not working out crazily either. I admit that I do take the opportunity to walk Skittles every day (except for when it’s 43 degrees!) and that does help. But breastfeeding makes you really hungry and it’s only right that you eat a good amount so your baby will be nourished too.

I know some of my pregnant friends are worried at times whether they’re overeating, or if they’ll be able to lose the weight they gained over pregnancy. I have to tell you the truth – you’re not going to have your exact pre-pregnancy body back, and not right away for sure. I know for myself that my hips have gotten bigger and my thighs are bigger than Daniel’s at the moment – *gasp*! But I know that in time, I’ll get back to a healthy body shape and that’s all that’s important for me.

So, for you ladies who are pregnant, eat well but don’t overindulge with your cravings. I know sometimes it’s tempting to eat a whole tub of ice cream, but you’ll be fine with just a scoop or even one of those mini ice creams on a stick. (I love mini Magnums, yum!) If you can breastfeed, do so as it does help with your weight loss but if you can’t, you’re still a great mum and your baby will thrive on formula too. 

I think what’s important is to keep active even after pregnancy. Now I’m not asking you to run on a treadmill in the first few weeks after the birth. I actually put on weight in the first few weeks after Jacob was born as I was sitting at home a lot (as opposed to walking the dog and running around heaps as I was doing in pregnancy) and my mum was feeding me lots of nourishing food. But there are heaps of things you could do – walking’s probably the easiest. I know there are mum and bubs exercise groups like yoga, etc. and I find it’s great to meet other mums so you can sit and rant about baby poo stories together. 

But what’s most important is to remember that you are beautiful. I remember going through a lot of “OMG I look like a frog” moments over the last few months. I guess it didn’t help that my skin was peeling, I was losing hair and I don’t look great sleep-deprived either. Partners, this is where it is important to convince your wife that she does not look like a frog. You have to remind her that all her odd bits here and there are just tiny reminders of the miracle that she has given birth to.

And mums, you are beautiful. You just have to look into your baby’s eyes and catch him/her gazing back at you to remember that he/she thinks you are the most beautiful being on earth. 


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