The aftermath of Christmas…

It’s amazing how so many things build up to one day and then it feels like that’s it, the end! Do you feel that way about Christmas? I felt a bit deflated yesterday but am intent on keeping the Christmas spirit going, at least til the New Year’s spirit takes over. To keep the flame burning, Daniel and I watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, which was really quite funny!

I guess one of the highlights of the days after Christmas is enjoying all the presents we received. And boy, were we blessed this year with lots of wonderful gifts from family and friends!

On my Christmas list this year, I put down some kitchen equipment as I’d like to do some experimenting. Before when I was working full time, I never really had the time to bake or make elaborate meals, but now that I’m at home a lot, I’m looking forward to trying out some new recipes! The large contraption at the back is actually an ice shaver – perfect gift for summer! Ais kacang, here I come! (It’s a shaved ice Malaysian dessert, fyi.)

ImageProbably two of my favourite gifts were the musical instruments I received – I got an awesome green ukulele which I’m learning to play now, and Daniel got my guitar fixed (well, it’s theoretically his guitar but I’ve claimed it as my own). Dan sent me on a treasure hunt though, with a list of clues to seek out the gift! It took me all over the house and I finally found the guitar in the back shed!

ImageBut if there’s one thing I’m excited about, it’s Jacob’s presents! They feel like presents for me because I’ll probably end up playing with them with him. The lucky boy got lots of colourful toys and awesome books like Hairy McLairy and Mem Fox books too. He also got clothes as well as Praise Baby, which is a lovely DVD set with praise songs and lovely videos of nature, people, etc. that are to grasp the baby’s interest and stimulate the mind. Jacob had a good time lying on the carpet watching some of it.

ImageThanks again to everyone for giving us such lovely presents! Now, to clean up and put the house back in working order.

But of course, this post would not be complete without a picture of my two lovely boys! Christmas can be an exhausting affair, and these two are recovering from it in style.

ImageHope you all had a very Merry Christmas!


6 thoughts on “The aftermath of Christmas…

  1. All sounds good fun! Enjoy playing the uke – I’ve been teaching myself for a couple of years & it’s a great instrument (check out my signature blog for our club website, packed with useful free resources).

    • I love how you just put up a post on how to play the ukulele you got at Christmastime! I was wondering if you knew anything about a wonky ukulele – the first string is right when I play open string, but when I press the first fret, it goes up a tone rather than a semitone. Any idea? I might just bring it to a music shop to check..

      • Here are a few ideas for the wonky uke:

        1) I take it all the strings have the same problem & not just the first one? Are you putting your finger in the gap between the open string & first fret (rather than actually on the first fret itself), as it may just be that?

        2) Could be that the second fret is too high (so that’s accidentally pressed against the string when you put your finger down. If you hold the uke up at eye level & try to see it from the side, you may be able to spot that if it’s a defect.

        3) This site has a fret spacing calculator – it’s a bit complicated at the beginning but if you scroll right down, you can see there are some tables you can fill in that do the work – you just need to measure the scale length (ie the distance from the nut to the bridge at the end – the length of the string that can vibrate) & put it into one of the calculator tables:

        Then you can see if the first fret seems to be the right distance or not.

        Otherwise, yes, you’ll probably need to take it into a music shop. Good luck in getting it sorted.

        Glad you found the website useful!


  2. Thanks Jeanette, and will look into it! I play the guitar as well so am quite certain I’m pressing the right spot, but I’m thinking it may be a string issue because it only affects that particular string and that particular fret (i.e. all the other frets go up semitones, including the frets past that first fret with the first string, if you get what I mean). I can play chords on it but I have to alter the chords. Perhaps will take it in to be checked. 🙂

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