Greetings from the big city!

We’ve had a few enjoyable days in Melbourne so far and it’s been great checking out places I used to go to when I used to live here. I have to admit I’m not really a fan of the big city, though from time to time it can be interesting. Driving here is insane though – I took the ‘shift’ of driving to our hotel and had to fight my way through traffic, tramlines and terrible drivers.

I don’t want to spend too much time blogging but here are a few pictures of my trip.


Lucky us got upgraded to a King room when they realised we had a baby. For once, Daniel and I had enough space to sleep without being kicked in the face!! The king (a.k.a. Jacob) enjoys lounging around on the bed.


Here we are at QV and Christmas decorations are still up! In the far right corner is an awesome Malaysian restaurant, Pappa Rich. Yummy food! 🙂

Melbourne is lovely but unfortunately not a very pram-friendly city. The first night we were scouting out somewhere to eat in Chinatown and most of the restaurants have sets of steps in the front so we couldn’t get the pram in – not to mention it was so packed that a pram wouldn’t have fit anyway. I couldn’t get into a lot of shops with the pram so we had to take turns looking at shops. We also deemed it impossible to get our pram into the City Circle tram as they use the old trams that have steps and narrow doorways as well – hence we walked all the way to Harbour Town from our hotel (which was about 3km each way).


Melbourne has SO many dessert shops too! Dan and I enjoyed some desserts while Jacob enjoyed biting his own fist and grinning at the same time.


One thing I love about Melbourne is their breakfast places (aside from the food in general). This was one of my favourite places, called Affogato – healthy yet hearty meals, and I cannot get over the garlic mushrooms! 🙂


Since I knew we were heading to Melbourne, one part of Dan’s present was in Melbourne! He had a Formula 1 simulator race, which was pretty cool. What’s really good about it as well is that it’s just across from Harbour Town (so he could race while I shopped!). Speaking of shopping…


Oops. I think we went overboard. I think Jacob has enough clothes for his whole life now. Dan and I got stuff for ourselves too, and I did get one splurge item (though for me, a splurge item just means anything over $50).


And here it is! Not sure what occasion I’ll wear it to but maybe to the James Bond exhibition I’m going to tomorrow…

WP_20140108_010 - Copy

Jacob seems pretty excited about his new clothes; even though he didn’t have much say in it.

I’m all shopped out and would just love some awesome dinner now! 🙂 Till next time…


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