More (mouthwatering) Melbourne…

I was meaning to write earlier but was caught up in doing a few huge loads of laundry from our trip. I can’t believe how many clothes we used (plus, of course, there were clothes we bought too). A lot of it was linen/hand towels because Jacob is in a highly dribbly phase and he dribbled through all the bibs I brought along as well.

Anyway, enough of this housework talk and more about Melbourne!

One highlight of our trip was going to the James Bond exhibition there – we took a leisurely walk to the Museum through the Carlton Gardens – lovely sunny day too!


I have to admit that I didn’t know too much about James Bond before, so I watched a few of the movies before coming to this exhibition (and I’m so glad I did)! I particularly liked looking at the different outfits Bond and his ladies wore in the different movies, as well as the different gadgets invented by Q. And finally, we got to see some cool vehicles including the Aston Martin. Jacob’s crying because I told him we can’t keep the car…


Melbourne is an awesome place for food too! Here are my top 7 favourite eating spots in Melbourne (in no particular order):

1. Grill’d

Dan was actually craving the burgers here, particularly the mushroom burger which is just a massive mushroom instead of a patty, with delicious aioli and other yummy stuff. There are some awesome burger bars in Melbourne in general, but if in doubt, I don’t think you can go wrong with Grill’d.


2. Pancake Parlour


I’m a sucker for pancakes, but this has to be my favourite pancake place! We have a similar joint in Adelaide that pales in comparison. I love their chocolate pancakes and their drinks are the BOMB too (e.g. Salted Caramel milkshake). I usually go to the one on Melbourne Central on the top floor, as it’s next to Grill’d (it’s like a combination of awesome)! Jacob kept turning the pages on the menu and I’m sure he’d have loved to order something!

3. Affogatto (or anywhere on Hardware Lane, for that matter)

I mentioned this in my last post – this is one of my favourite brekky places! They have a healthy yet hearty spread and is just a lovely place to get breakfast. There’s also a nice French crepe place across the street from it, though I haven’t tried it for ages. Hardware Lane is actually a famous restaurant lane in Melbourne and no matter what time you go, there’ll always be something yummy there.

4. 1000 £ Bend

I used to live on Little Lonsdale St and remembered this interesting place. It’s a hipster type cafe but is also sometimes used as a gallery and events place. I have to admit that hipster places usually serve really interesting healthy dishes and they make awesome soy hot chocolate. Very green and delicious breakfasts (and we would have stayed for lunch after seeing the interesting stuff they had on the spread).


5. Pappa Rich

Malaysian food in Melbourne is definitely better than what you can get in Adelaide, and I couldn’t resist having something to eat at Pappa Rich in QV. It’s a bit pricey but has a good spread of Malaysian food and great drinks. Love Milo Dinosaur (which is basically Iced Milo with a whole lot of milo on top!).

6. Tropicana Juice/Food Bar

I used to walk past this place every day to go to work, and their fresh juices/smoothies are the bomb! Lovely breakfasts too, and awesome shop decor that you just can’t miss!


7. Lindt Chocolate Cafe

I had a huge headache and was really looking for a good iced chocolate on a hot day, and what better chocolate to have than Lindt? Okay, chocolate is not great for headaches but it was so delicious, and their macarons are to die for! Jacob’s trying to steal my iced chocolate but nope, not a chance!


It’s funny that a lot of the places we went to weren’t actually Asian. The truth is I was looking forward to having some Asian food, but a lot of the places had steps in the front or were too crowded so we couldn’t get the pram in. In retrospect, I could have put Jacob in a high chair – I thought he wouldn’t have enough support but he seems happy enough, doesn’t he?

ImageHave a great week everyone! 🙂


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