On a hot, hot weekend…

Whew, the last few days have been hot! How many times have I started a post with that line? Grrr! I do hope it cools down soon!

I was having a bit of a Chinese New Year food craving so I thought I’d make something festive. If I were back in Malaysia, I know I’d be feasting on a myriad of cakes like nian gao, angku kuih, love letters, pineapple tarts, kuih bangkit, etc. Yes, it might sound like I’m talking gibberish now but trust me, they are delicious.

Anyway, I decided to look up simple recipes (because I am a novice in the kitchen) and I found one for peanut cookies. When I say peanut cookies, I mean little bite-sized bits of crumbly sugary peanutty goodness that melts in your mouth. Yes, I would try and make them.

ImageI should not flatter myself but I reckon I did pretty well – craving satisfied! Credits go to the good recipe I picked up off Billy Law’s food blog: http://atablefortwo.com.au/2009/01/chinese-new-year-peanut-cookies

I brought them along to church where we had a Chinese themed lunch, and I believe my dish went down pretty well. Too bad Jacob can’t eat one just yet – he did try to, though. He was getting quite fussy and didn’t want to breastfeed very much as it was really quite warm, but he enjoyed sucking on a cold piece of watermelon! He was in his Chinese New Year outfit, but decided that he’d choose a cooler outfit for the day:

ImageThat was Saturday. Today, we gave our house a bit of a facelift! A big thanks to my parents-in-law for coming over to help us get the task done, especially in the searing heat!

We’re planning to put tiles in, which will probably happen later in the week – but first, there’s always the groundwork to do i.e. ripping up carpet and lino. It took a lot of packing up and rearranging furniture as well – my fridge is now in the spare room, bookcases in the baby’s room, etc.

So, this is what our house looks like now. A bit hipster and reminds me of when I was in government school (we had cement floors which got dusty pretty quickly so we had a sweeping roster).


And here is Daniel doing some floor wrecking, haha. I honestly enjoyed pulling up the lino though it was a bit hard to do since it was stuck down. I put in all my strength and body weight into it, but didn’t get too far haha! Oh well, I’ll stick to doing the cleaning and tidying!


Stay tuned to see what our house will look like next! 🙂


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