little bird, little bird,
am i enough for you?
will you still love me
if i split my heart in two?
will you still kiss me
in the morning dew?
little bird, don’t forget
how much i love you.

little bear, little bear,
can i watch you play?
i’m trying to hold on
to the ghost of yesterday.
if i wish hard enough,
can i make you stay?
little bear, don’t forget
you showed me the way.

little lamb, little lamb,
do you remember when
it was just you and me,
the chick and the hen?
you are the king of my heart
just as you were then.
little lamb, don’t forget
we will meet there again.

little child, little child,
you may not realise
a new part of me lives
while another part of me dies.
may you see the joy,
not dwell on the goodbyes.

little child, my beautiful child
no matter the lows or the highs
the smiles on our faces,
the clouds in our skies,
you will always be the apple
of your mother’s eyes.



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