Blog Challenge!

Hi everyone

Firstly, just wanted to send out a reminder to all my wonderful followers that I’m switching this blog over to my new “branding” if you want to call it that – my new blog is called Mummy of Dragons and can be found HERE.

If you want to keep up to date with what’s happening with us, in particular my two little boys Jacob and Jared, please subscribe there! And you can also subscribe to us on Facebook over HERE.

Anyway, enough of shameless self-promotion! I actually wanted to share a little blog challenge for May that I’ll be doing (and hopefully will be able to stick to!).

I was invited to participate in a blog challenge by Tanya from iReview Global on the Bloggers United Australia community! I am looking forward to this and hoping it will keep me committed to blogging (as sometimes it can get a bit difficult with 2 littlies) – I’m really relieved that I only have to blog on odd days, not every day!

This is what I’ll have to follow during my challenge:

blog challenge

Can you believe it’s May tomorrow? I’ve only just gotten used to the fact that it’s 2016!

Anyway, If you want to join, you’re most welcome! You can view Tanya’s original post HERE. Please comment here if you decide to join in so I can check out your posts as well!

Over and out! 🙂