I’m up all night to get clucky…

I’ve been trying to get a blog post written but have just been sidetracked about 500 times. I’m currently sharing  my computer with my parents who are here to spend time with me and the baby, and I know where I get my computer addiction from (though I admit I’m a lot worse than them). I’ve also got to persevere and type with one hand seeing that I’m usually rocking the baby in the other arm.

In honest truth, I didn’t really know what to write about nor did I have the mood to write. In some ways, I feel that I have no purpose at the moment. I know it’s a silly thought because I have the most important job in the world – bringing up a person. Perhaps I just need a shift in perspective.

Reason for my blog post title – it seems that so many people are expecting babies now! My sister in law is due in December, and some of my close friends at church are due in March next year. The other day, we met our neighbour who was out walking her dog and she’s also expecting. Perhaps there’s something in the air? 🙂


Anyway, in my few moments of motherhood, I feel a lot more comfortable and confident with Jacob. It’s really true that you learn from your baby. In the first few days, I used to find it very distressing to hear Jacob crying, but now I know that he’s just trying to communicate with me – he’s either hungry, wet, cold, tired or something else that we figure out together.

Perhaps when I find more inspiration, I’ll write again.

But here is another picture of my favourite little boy, who is 3 weeks old today.



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